Welcome at this site about

the Nature Protection Foundation

(Shortly "NPF")

(Official name: "Stichting Natuurbescherming")


The  Nature Protection Foundation is a 1994 raised

organisation whose main activity is promoting the principle of behaviour

called "Vivism", which is based on the contemporary philosophy-of-life  called "Paradisionism"


The most direct cause of the Nature Protection Foundation being set up was in the fact that by generating electricity in hydraulic plants many fishes and other animals living in the falling water most likely get killed or hurt seriously by the blades of the very fastly turning rotor, when the water passes there.

In environmental circles this was an item for a long time already and it was occupying the founder-to-be of the NPF, Nic. Pleumekers, so much, that he didn't rest, before a way was found, in which electricity can be generated by water power, without the cost of so many lives.

The result was the following conclusion: "If instead of the power of falling water, the power of streaming water will be used, not one fish will have to get shocked, injured, or killed".

For this purpose giant whaterwheels, made out of a superlight material, could be hung in the streaming of a flood.

An additive positive aspect of this system is, that the river doesn't have to be blocked up right across any more.

After a few more or less oriëntating efforts to get official bodies supporting the developement of this plan, the 'inventor' concluded that it might be more usefull to raise a foundation with that purpose.

So by the end of the year 1994 the Nature Protection Foundation saw the light of day.

How it went on

One of the reasons, why the NPF turned out to be not able to reach its direct purpose, was in the fact, that its founder and director, in his new function, kept learning more and more about other nature ( =life) unfriendly economical activities worldwide. Such as the burning of vast plains of tropical rainforest, that not only causes the death of human beings in smokeclouds, but also the death by fire of numberless other living beings (mainly trees, other plants and animals).

Besides of that, it became more and more clear to him, what an enormous threat there is in the continuously growing overpopulation of planet Earth.

One thing and another resulted in realising, that a total devotion to a whaterwheel project alone, would not bring much more, than a proverbial drop in the ocean.

As a consequence his interest went more and more in the direction of promoting the filosophy-of-life, he had developed and presented a few years earlier: a theory, wich is supposed to be able to strike at the root of all evil; it's name is "Vivism" and it can be described as:

"the conviction that (human) life on Earth can be saved from its rapidly approaching fall and at the same time become paradisally, on condition that man as soon as possible starts respecting life and well-being of all kinds of creatures to a degree as large as possible".

For understandable reasons the early years of these promoting-activities were about like constructing a road on a rocky soil. In some respects it even reminded a bit of what the first Christians are said to have went through, in the time of the idolized Roman Empires.

Later on, thanks to the computer and the internet, things became less heavy and equally more progressing.


Other points of special NPF interest:

• Environmental conservation; 

• Preserving the Northern-Europide (blond) human race from extinction; ("Norteurom", the Northern-Europide Movement)